Aurora Mobile Limited
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                           May 10, 2022

       Weidong Luo
       Chief Executive Officer
       Aurora Mobile Limited
       14/F, China Certification and Inspection Building
       No. 8, Keji South 12th Road, Nanshan District
       Shenzhen, Guangdong 518057
       People   s Republic of China

                                                        Re: Aurora Mobile
                                                            Amendment No. 1 to
Registration Statement on Form F-3
                                                            Filed April 29,
                                                            File No. 333-260944

       Dear Mr. Luo:

             We have reviewed your amended registration statement and have the
       comments. In some of our comments, we may ask you to provide us with
information so we
       may better understand your disclosure.

              Please respond to this letter by amending your registration
statement and providing the
       requested information. If you do not believe our comments apply to your
facts and
       circumstances or do not believe an amendment is appropriate, please tell
us why in your

              After reviewing any amendment to your registration statement and
the information you
       provide in response to these comments, we may have additional comments.
Unless we note
       otherwise, our references to prior comments are to comments in our
January 10, 2022 letter.

       Amendment No. 1 to Registration Statement on Form F-3

       Cover Page

   1.                                                   We note your response
to prior comment 1. We also note your disclosure that, "   Aurora
                                                        refers to Aurora Mobile
Limited, and    we,       us,       our company,    or    our    refers to
                                                        Aurora Mobile Limited
and its subsidiaries, and, when describing our operations and
                                                        consolidated financial
information, also includes the VIE and its subsidiaries in
                                                        China." Refrain from
using terms such as    we    or    our    when describing activities or
                                                        functions of a VIE and
revise accordingly.
 Weidong Luo
Aurora Mobile Limited
May 10, 2022
Page 2
2.    We note your response to prior comment 4 regarding how cash is
transferred through your
      organization. Please include this disclosure on the cover page.
3.    Given that the SEC has provisionally named you as a
"Commission-Identified Issuer",
      please expand your disclosure to clarify that you will be added to the
conclusive list
      of Commission-Identified Issuers unless you believe that you have been
      identified and are disputing your placement on the provisional list.
Our Company, page 5

4.    We note your response to prior comment 6 relating to the permissions or
approvals that
      you or your subsidiaries may be required to obtain from Chinese
authorities to operate
      your business and to offer the securities being registered to foreign
investors. Please also
      describe the consequences to you and your investors if you, your
subsidiaries or the
      VIEs: (i) do not receive or maintain such permissions or approvals, (ii)
      conclude that such permissions or approvals are not required, or (iii)
applicable laws,
      regulations, or interpretations change and it is required to obtain such
permissions or
      approvals in the future.
        You may contact Kyle Wiley, Staff Attorney, at 202-344-5791 or Jan Woo,
Legal Branch
Chief, at 202-551-3453 with any questions.

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